Cerebral Extinction – Escape from Illusion (Review)

Cerebral Extinction - Escape from IllusionThis is the third album from Italian brutal death metallers Cerebral Extinction.

Escape from Illusion delivers a punishing technical assault across 47 minutes of brutal material.

There’s a rather pointless intro that goes on for far too long, (as there almost always seems to be), but once this is over the band go for the kill with furious intensity. Blistering riffs, wandering bass, and vicious melodic bite are revealed in all of their precisely-applied glory. The band can certainly play, and their melodic and technical approach to brutal death metal is well-presented and realised.

The songs are fast and aggressive, but occasionally slow down to deliver a heavier breakdown or a mid-paced mechanical beating. They generally skew to the longer side of things for the style, which the band fill with a bewildering array of technical explorations and cruel jagged workouts.

If you’re a fan of bands like Archspire, Origin, Rings of Saturn, Cytotoxin, and Beneath the Massacre then Escape from Illusion is worth a listen. Cerebral Extinction have produced a solid example of technical brutality, so check it out and see if their brand of hostility is for you.

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