Vong – A Wander in Liminality (Review)

Vong - A Wander in LiminalityVong is a one-man black metal band from Vietnam and this is his debut album.

Apparently a demo version of this was released in 2019, but this definitive version is a complete rerecording of the songs, with some rearranging going on too.

Vong’s music is an atavistic example of the core blackened sound. Stylistically birthed in the heart of the early 90s Scandinavian second wave, A Wander in Liminality takes influence from the classic era, while using these influences to develop a personality of its own revolving around Vietnamese history and folklore.

It’s both interesting and enjoyable to hear Vong’s take on black metal. The songs are grim and cold, offering frosted soundscapes that are dark and foreboding. Underground and raw, the music combines blackened groove and venomous screams with atmosphere-rich mood and frosted aggression. The songs are well-written and display an obvious passion for the style. The dark malevolent auras that cloak the album are immersive and engaging, and listening to A Wander in Liminality makes me feel like I’m back in the 90s all over again. The artist behind Vong certainly has a talent for crafting this sort of traditional black metal.

A Wander in Liminality is an enjoyable slice of underground blackened darkness. The artist behind Vong has made a strong impression, and I am definitely looking forward to hearing what he does next.

Very highly recommended.

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