Hulder – The Eternal Fanfare (Review)

Hulder - The Eternal FanfareThis is the latest EP from Hulder, a one-woman black metal band from the US.

A 26-minute mini-album, The Eternal Fanfare has strong roots in the classic 90s era. It uses these influences well, but is not restricted by them. The artist behind the band clearly knows what she wants to achieve with her music, and uses influences from multiple styles and eras to achieve this. Modern atmospheric elements can be heard, for example, as well as some 80s Gothic ones and aspects of pagan black metal.

The songs are frosted and rich, offering a substantive journey into deep blackened waters that range from the beautiful and sublime, (Curse from Beyond), to the downright menacing, (the title track). A song like Burden of Flesh and Bone bristles with both raw darkened aggression and immersive grim atmosphere, whereas Sylvan Awakening flexes its melodic muscles while still remaining cold and dark in essence. The closing track A Perilous Journey is the longest and is ripe with well-crafted bleak-yet-melodic atmosphere.

The Eternal Fanfare is a quality release from an enjoyable act. Check out what the artist behind Hulder is offering on The Eternal Fanfare and get swept away by the frosted winds.

A highly recommended listen.

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