Liber Null – For Whom Is the Night (Review)

Liber Null - For Whom Is the NightThis is the second album from international black metal act Liber Null.

Brought to us by members of bands such as Fides Inversa, Frostmoon Eclipse, and Manetheren, For Whom Is the Night contains 39 minutes of lethal black metal venom.

For Whom Is the Night is a ferocious, raging slice of blackened aggression. However, although the music is is brutal and harsh, Liber Null’s approach to songwriting is such that there’s more going on here than simple belligerence. On the surface the music easily grabs you and keeps you hooked with savage riffs and maniacal vocals, but look a bit deeper and  you’ll discover a range of creative ideas and nuances that start to appear. Over time these enhancements all begin to add up, and before you know it you keep returning to For Whom Is the Night much more than you were expecting to. This longevity and replayability speak well of the band’s passion and skill.

The songs are well-delivered and satisfying, with a character that’s dark and esoteric. A range of malevolent riffs, barbed paces, blackened melodies, occult vocals, and dark moods, are spread throughout the album’s duration. I like how the songs are structured and arranged, frequently building to an apex of some sort, before unleashing Hell or climaxing in a cathartic release. The latter part of Hexenblood Vessel is one of my favourite examples of this, although it’s not the only one.

For Whom Is the Night is a superior black metal album. The band demonstrate an attention to detail that has resulted in a very satisfying and rewarding collection of tracks.

Very highly recommended.

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