Fides Inversa – Rite of Inverse Incarnation (Review)

Fides InversaFides Inversa are an Italian black metal band and this is their latest EP.

Featuring almost 20 minutes of black metal art, this EP is occult, Satanic black metal that’s littered with dark incantations and grim atmosphere.

The music mixes elements of the old and new into its melting point, recalling bands as diverse as Mayhem, Deathspell Omega and Watain at various points. The two songs complement each other well, with the second track, (and title track), being the slightly more orthodox of the two, I suppose.

Furiously fast riffing is complemented by mid-paced groove and slower, almost psychedelic workouts in places. Fides Infera do what they want, as they should, and it’s all under the shroud of of dark devotion to evil gods.

The band balance the need for aggression and atmosphere in their songs, with the former being more prevalent, but the latter being my favourite. In fact, the start of track one and the end of track two show off the best of the band in my opinion.

This EP is cold and diabolical in all the best ways.


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