Merihem – Incendiary Darkness (Review)

Merihem - Incendiary DarknessThis is the debut album from international black metal band Merihem.

Featuring members of bands such as Frostmoon Eclipse, Israthoum, Manetheren, and Suffering Hour, Incendiary Darkness contains 39 minutes of occult black metal.

These songs weep nightmare atmospheres as they run through their playing time. The feeling is very much one of glimpsing a new dimension of horror and despair through a door that nobody should have left open, but somebody, (or something), did.

Dissonance is used like a weapon, augmenting the core of the songs with a lethal darkness that’s dark and malignant. Although raw aggression is harnessed to tell the band’s terrifying tales, it’s purposely fettered by chains of grim icy atmosphere. The harsh side of the music is there to simply support the mood-drenched delivery of the whole.

The vocals are diverse and daemonic, with a wide variety of vocalisations displayed. Growls and screams are to be expected, but there’s also clean singing, chanting, howls, moans, and a whole lot else besides. It’s effective and well-performed, and suits the esoteric and occult nature of the music.

Incendiary Darkness is well-named, with its mix of aggression and atmosphere. Merihem have produced a work worth listening to if you have a taste for the bands above, as well as others such as Bølzer, Deathspell Omega, and Mayhem.

Highly recommended.

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