Battle Symphony – War on Earth (Review)

Battle Symphony - War on EarthThis is the debut album from Greek heavy metal band Battle Symphony.

War on Earth gives us a whopping 69 minutes of music to absorb, (including the bonus track). Described as a conceptual metal opera with a sci-fi theme, it’s the result of one man’s vision, who then brought a plethora of people together to realise it. It combines symphonic, folk, power, and classical styles into a meaty heavy metal feast, and contains contributions from current and ex-members of bands such as Arrayan Path, Badd Kharma, Black Eden, Black Fate, Delta, Fortis Ventus, Fortress Under Siege, Illusory, Labyrinth, Lost Horizon, Mahakala, Reflection, Suicidal Angels, Sunburst, Warlord, and many others.

The European heavy/power metal style is one that I don’t listen to as often as I’d like, but I have a distinct soft spot for it when it’s done well as it is here.

The songs are well-written and delivered, and the album is packed with catchy and memorable music. Balancing instant-gratification with longer-lasting depth of composition, this is music that satisfies upon first exposure, and then rewards upon repeated visits.

War on Earth is an album of epic choruses and stirring anthems, but is also given the space to create atmosphere and emotion. The songs are filled with grandeur and bombastic confidence; the musicians involved clearly know what they’re doing with the material, as they should given the talent and experience gathered here.

Despite the number of musicians involved in the creation of War on Earth, the album feels like a coherent work. It flows well, and even the different singers don’t make it feel disjointed, especially as many of them appear on multiple tracks. This, along with the plethora of good ideas, makes for an entertainingly varied collection of songs, with more than enough quality content to hold the listener’s attention.

Fans of bands such as Avantasia, Therion, and Rhapsody of Fire should definitely check this out.

Very highly recommended.

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