Ad Finem Omnia – No Peace – No Dawn (Review)

Ad Finem Omnia - No Peace - No DawnAd Finem Omnia are a black metal band from Chile and this is their debut album.

Brought to us by two members of Sol Sistere, Ad Finem Omnia play second wave-inspired melodic black metal, and on No Peace – No Dawn they deliver 44 minutes of material.

The band’s professional delivery is that of a 90s black metal act bolstered by a modern performance. Ad Finem Omnia may look back fondly to the classic blackened period, but they don’t completely ignore what has happened since then either. Although the style is a very well-worn one, No Peace – No Dawn is not a stale repeat of past glories, but a careful study in what makes black metal so endearing and enduring. Yep, as you can probably tell, I really enjoyed my time with this one. It’s simply a good example of classic black metal. What’s not to like?

No Peace – No Dawn boasts good songwriting across its nine tracks. The songs balance catchiness and atmosphere well. Blistering aggression and dark blackened groove are wrapped around emotive melodies and engaging atmosphere. I also like the fact that the bass can be heard and makes its contributions felt, especially when it occasionally just wanders off and does its own thing for a while.

No matter what sort of music I may have been in the mood for, a few seconds of No Peace – No Dawn is all that it takes to instantly ignite my passion for black metal. The music is well-played and has a sound that’s classic and familiar, but it is one that also feels honest and without pretence; Ad Finem Omnia play their music for the sheer love of it, and this passion comes through powerfully in the music.

Highly recommended for any fan of the traditional blackened arts.

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