Apes – Lullabies for Eternal Sleep (Review)

Apes - Lullabies for Eternal SleepApes are a grindcore/hardcore band from Canada and this is their latest EP.

I really liked 2017’s Lightless, and I can’t quite believe it’s been so long since it came out. Lullabies for Eternal Sleep is well-received by yours truly, and I hope there’s even more where this came from, lurking in some underground bunker somewhere, ready to explode into the world.

Across 12-minutes of varied material, Apes deliver four grim songs of raging venom and moody hatred. The songs have been designed to flow seamlessly from one to the next, making a holistic 12-minute journey.

The band’s blackened concoction of hardcore and grindcore is virulent and infectious. The music’s violent assault is very moreish, and it is effortlessly easy, (and very satisfying), to simply replay this short release over and over again.

Each track has its place in the overarching umbrella of the 12-minute journey that Apes have crafted. Cornwall is a blistering slice of dark violence and unfettered rage. Devour is a malignant slab of mood-driven sludge heaviness that builds to a crushing finale. No Will to Live picks up the pace once more, flaying skin and cutting throats with its brief-but-lethal assault. Closer Sore is a three-minute slow-burning piece of atmospheric experimental minimalism.

Throughout the above the core Apes sound is aided, abetted, and enriched by noise enhancements provided by a member of Full of Hell.

Spanning brutal aggression through to atmospheric malevolence, Apes have created a monstrous EP that highlights their particular talents very well. Make sure you check this out.

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