Adoperta Tenebris – Oblivion: the Forthcoming Ends (Review)

Adoperta Tenebris - Oblivion the Forthcoming EndsThis is the second album from French black metal solo act Adoperta Tenebris.

Oblivion: the Forthcoming Ends contains 48 minutes of black metal that has a strong second wave Scandinavian influence and a smattering of death metal ones.

The music’s approach is raw and old-school, but not restrictively so. The songs are written and played with passion and a clear understanding of the style. There are some really good riffs and guitar parts on the album, some of which slice so sharply that they almost draw blood.

A range of paces are used, and the songs benefit from this greatly. I really like some of slower, crawling, atmospheric passages, such as on We Were Giants and A Farewell to Hope. The blackened groove is infectious, and the scything blast beats grim and effective. Dark, understated melodies appear, seeming to rise unbidden from the main body of the music. The occasional death metal elements add some meat to the songs, while the overall blackened delivery is perfectly judged in tone and character. The music is a very satisfying listen.

Depute this being a new record in 2021, it is the sort of thing that I can easily imagine having discovered in the 90s from some obscure zine. If you’re a fan of the style this is a really easy album to listen to and get along with.

Highly recommended for any adherent of the old-school.

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