Apostle of Solitude – Until the Darkness Goes (Review)

Apostle of Solitude - Until the Darkness GoesThis is the fifth album from US doom metallers Apostle of Solitude.

Both 2014’s Of Woe and Wounds and 2018’s From Gold to Ash were very enjoyable records, so I knew I wanted in on Until the Darkness Goes‘ action. With a duration of 37 minutes it’s Apostle of Solitude’s shortest album yet, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality.

Apostle of Solitude specialise in emotive doom metal. Theirs is an expressive brand of doom, with a strong vocal performance, some sterling leads, and plenty of distorted weight. The heaviness of the music is never allowed to cloud the songs themselves though, and there are plenty of hooks and memorable moments to be had.

The songs are refined and focused, delivering potent impact within a condensed time frame. The songwriting is well-structured and emotive. I like how the band frequently seem to be able to play something more, something deeper, than just riffs; the guitars seem especially imbued with feelings of loss, sorrow, and melancholy. This especially applies to the melodic leads, but is not restricted to them, importantly. Slow and downbeat, these songs worm their way into your brain quite effectively over time.

Until the Darkness Goes is the product of a veteran band producing some of their best work to date. It sounds as if a lot of care and emotion has gone into these new tracks, resulting in a collection of songs that easily impresses and satisfies.

Very highly recommended.

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