Etxegiña – Herederos del Silencio (Review)

Etxegiña - Herederos del SilencioThis is the latest EP from international, (France/Spain), black metal act Etxegiña.

Featuring current and ex-members of Acedia Mundi, Gargantua, and Atavisma Herederos del Silencio contains 20 minutes of melodic black metal.

These four tracks boast a keen understanding of melody and have an epic streak that’s quite engaging. The songs are raw and organic-sounding, and almost sound as if they were birthed decades ago in the underground and have only now seen the foul light of day. This is counteracted by a somewhat youthful feel that infects the music, filling it with vibrant blackened energy as it cascades through four tracks of engaging black metal.

There are a variety of good riffs to be had, and both the rhythm guitar and the melodic aspects of the work are very satisfying. Unlike much black metal you can also hear the bass and its worthwhile contribution to the music; it almost feels playful in places, like it is dancing around the rest of the instruments, searching for the right way to bring them all together, which it continually does with effortless grace. The vocals are impassioned and delivered with a near-crust/hardcore blunt intensity that works well.

I have enjoyed Herederos del Silencio a good deal and look forward to hopefully more work from Etxegiña in the future.

A recommended listen for anyone into the blackened underground.

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