Æpoch – Hiraeth (Review)

Æpoch - HiraethThis is the latest EP from Æpoch, a Canadian progressive death metal band.

This EP delivers 19 minutes of Æpoch’s modern progressive/technical death metal assault. Laced with black and thrash metal elements, (but less than previously), and powered by melodic might, Hiraeth is a short but satisfying hit of metallic aggression.

On this new EP Æpoch are showcasing two new members – both guitarists – and the corresponding increased focus on technical delivery. As such, the Æpoch of 2021 is more of a technical death metal beast, albeit one that’s still informed by the band’s past material so that although Hiraeth has moved on from the band’s old sound, it doesn’t sound like a completely different group.

There’s an obvious debt to Death here, and this is given a modern progressive makeover that incorporates a firm grasp of melody. The end result is songs that benefit from a variety of ingredients. The well-written music is very enjoyable, and it is great to hear Æpoch spreading their wings and trying their hands at a few new things.

A strong EP from Æpoch that bodes well for the future.

Make sure you check this out.

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