Lady Beast – Omens (Review)

Lady Beast - OmensLady Beast are a heavy metal band from the US and this is their latest EP.

Lady Beast play classic heavy metal, with no frills, no filler, and no messing around with gimmicks or pointless intros, etc. There are four originals here and a Rainbow cover. Omens is a lean 20-minute ride into the old-school, and it’s a great way to escape the horrors of the modern world for a while.

This is music focused on classic song structures, good riffs, and a potent frontwoman. The songs are well-written and Lady Beast clearly know the style they’re playing intimately.

The singer has a strong, engaging voice for this sort of music. Her vocals are well-performed and have a decent amount of character and charisma. She acts as an obvious focal point for the listener, and deservedly so, yet the rest of the music is similarly well-delivered.

The drums, bass, and guitars all work well together, aiding and abetting each other on the service of pure, unadulterated metal. The drums and bass seem particularly in sync, and they provide a really formidable backbone for the music. Each of the songs is enjoyable and satisfying. It’s great to hear such good, honest, authentic heavy metal, played well and with obvious talent.

With plenty of catchy and memorable moments to be had, this EP has an easy replay value. Omens is a great little EP, and any traditional metal fan would do well to add it to their collection.

Highly recommended.

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