Borboropsis – Decorticated Burial of Delirium (Review)

Borboropsis - Decorticated Burial of DeliriumThis is the debut EP from US death/doom metal band Borboropsis.

This release offers up 24 minutes of atmospheric heaviness that holds a lot of promise for the future. The music combines cavernous old-school death metal with mood-focused slabs of doom, and it does this exceptionally well. Imagine a combination of Morbid Angel and Immolation, then slow it down and draw out the malevolent atmosphere, and you’ll have an idea of what Borboropsis have created here.

There are some very good riffs on these songs. These choice cuts seem to slither menacingly across the airwaves with dark intent. These are combined with more nuanced and intricate guitar parts that contribute massively to the feeling of atmospheric dread that swamp these songs like a foul miasma. Malignant melody occasionally rises out of this murk with otherworldly potency. The death-to-doom ratio is well-judged, and Borboropsis make use of a few different paces and ideas across the songs. All of the three tracks are well-written, and the band have a clear talent for this sort of music.

Decorticated Burial of Delirium is a very enjoyable and impressive first release from Borboropsis. If they’re this good already, I honestly can’t wait to find out what the band have in store for us in the future.

Ones to watch for sure.

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