Domination Campaign – Onward to Glory (Review)

Domination Campaign - Onward to GloryThis is the debut album from Australian death metal band Domination Campaign.

Onward to Glory presents us with 30 minutes of roaring old-school death metal, brought to us by the vocalist and drummer of Psycroptic. This is no tech metal extravaganza though; Domination Campaign’s music is straightforward and burly, rolling in on brutal tank treads and destroying its targets with a combination of blunt heaviness and precision marksmanship.

The immediate comparison here for most people will undoubtedly be Bolt Thrower, and that’s certainly a good place to start. There’s also an unexpected hardcore feel in places that reminds me of a combination of Earth Crisis and Merauder – partially because of the snarling shouts, but mainly because of some of the belligerent, chugging riffs. This aspect of Domination Campaign’s sound is realised through a classic death metal lens, but I can hear it all the same, at least in places.

The songs are short and contain no filler. The double bass drums are destructive and pummelling, while the thick riffs are clipped, efficient, and professional. There are hooks and catchy moments aplenty, and even some variety in speed, meaning that we’re not kept exclusively in mid-paced territories as is often the case with this sort of death metal. The end result is a focused and highly satisfying collection of tracks. Domination Campaign clearly know the style intimately, know exactly what they want to do with their allotted time, and don’t mess around.

Onward to Glory is a playful romp across devastated landscapes via eight brutally fun songs.

Highly recommended for fans of the old-school style.

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