Light the Torch – You Will Be the Death of Me (Review)

Light the Torch - You Will Be the Death of MeThis is the second album from US metalcore band Light the Torch.

The follow up to 2018’s Revival, Light the Torch have now returned with 43 minutes of new material, (and a Terence Trent D’Arby cover).

Once again featuring the impressive and striking vocals of Howard Jones, (Killswitch Engage, Blood Has Been Shed, etc.), the band burn through 12 tracks of song-focused modern melodic metalcore.

This is instant-gratification metal, with strong choruses and buckets of infectious melodic content. The songs are well-written, and the band clearly know what they’re doing with this sort of thing at this point.

Light the Torch are joined by the drummer of Whitechapel on this new album, who provides a very able pummelling backbone to the anthemic songs. The bassist, (from Bleeding Through), underpins everything with commendable consistency. The thick, shiny guitars and the recognisably powerful vocals are the main attractions here though, and neither disappoint.

This is very much an album of hooks and catchiness, and works very well because of this. You Will Be the Death of Me does show a nice progression though from Revival. The songwriting here is a little bit more diverse, and a few more ideas are tried out when it comes to the melodies and atmospheric enhancements. Also, a few of the heavier and more aggressive components from the band’s Devil You Know days have made it back into their sound, which is great to hear. All of which means that You Will Be the Death of Me is the superior album to its predecessor, and offers a thoroughly satisfying and enjoyable listening experience, especially when you want a high energy metallic hit such as when you’re in the gym.

Overall You Will Be the Death of Me is a solid album of solid melodically-charged songs. If this sort of music hits the spot for you, then this is definitely a recommended one to check out.

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