Sadistik Forest – Obscure Old Remains (Review)

Sadistik Forest - Obscure Old RemainsThis is the latest EP from Finnish death metallers Sadistik Forest.

Morbid Majesties was a highlight of 2018, so it’s great to have Sadistik Forest back with some new material. Obscure Old Remains contains four songs, with a total duration of 19 minutes.

The songs are dark, black and thrash metal-influenced, and hit like trucks. The old-school thrash elements are out in force actually, and are at least partially responsible for the sheer addictive catchiness of the songs, and the wealth of storming riffs on offer. These bloodthirsty tracks are relentless in their lust for metallic violence, and each one of them should leave you satisfied, but begging for more. Once Sadistik Forest have their considerable hooks in you, there’s no escape.

Opener Mandragore is particularly strong, and has about three or four standout moments in the first minute alone. What a track. Barbarian isn’t too far off this either, and also boasts a Celtic Frost vibe lurking just under the surface. Nihil destroys with a combination of rumbling determination and engaging eruptions of melody. The EP closes with Water Black, a doom-laden song that crawls with grim malevolence. It’s almost like Morbid Angel would sound if they were corrupted by deathly blackened thrash darkness.

Yes, it’s great to hear new Sadistik Forest, especially when it’s as good as Obscure Old Remains is. Don’t miss out on this underground death metal gem.

Essential listening.

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