In Asymmetry – Ashes of Dead Worlds (Review)

In Asymmetry - Ashes of Dead WorldsIn Asymmetry are an international death metal band and this is their debut album.

Featuring current and ex-members of bands such as The Ritual Aura, Deeds of Flesh, Arsis, Eschaton, Pillory, Inanimate Existence, and The Kennedy Veil, Ashes of Dead Worlds contains a lot of experience packed tightly into its 34 minutes.

In Asymmetry spew forth technical brutality that exemplifies a chaotic rendering of the style, but one that remains coherent throughout; this is an album focused on the kill, and its attention rarely wanders. The band are extremely talented, that much is instantly clear, and the musicianship is tight and lethally applied. This is an album that’s been crafted by people that know the genre intimately, and this knowledge is put to work with professional skill and practised ruthlessness.

Although there are some very occasional atmospheric flourishes or hints of dark melody, the vast majority of Ashes of Dead Worlds is a brutal onslaught of tumultuous violence and murderous intensity. The album is a near-relentless grind of inhuman brutality and cold precision. The music boasts a complexity that doesn’t rob the music of power; the band’s songwriting emphasises complexity and heaviness over hooks, but their skill is such that this approach works well. Although Ashes of Dead Worlds hits hard upon the listener’s first encounter with it, it’s over time that it really makes its mark.

In Asymmetry’s debut album is a solid, enjoyable, and satisfying slab of brutal technicality. I’d definitely recommend this for hardened fans of the style, that’s for sure.

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