Eschaton – Death Obsession (Review)

Eschaton - Death ObsessionThis is the second album form US death metallers Eschaton.

It seems like a very long time since 2015’s Sentinel Apocalypse came out – and it is, really – but now Eschaton are back with 34 minutes of new material…

…or so it might seem at first. However, out of the nine tracks here, five of them are refreshed versions of songs from their debut EP, and one track is an instrumental cover version of a game soundtrack medley. That leaves us with just three new original songs; an EP’s worth, really.

Regardless; Eschaton play technical death metal, fast and ferocious. Elements of deathcore can be heard, but once again, of the technical variety. The new songs follow on from the band’s previous material on Sentinel Apocalypse, only slightly more accessible, (relatively speaking, of course). The revamped tracks are full of fiery life, (my favourite being Umbra Totalis), and the cover track does it’s job nicely.

So, a compilation album of sorts masquerading as a full length album? Either way, this is an enjoyable way to spend half an hour, and I suggest you check out what Eschaton have to offer here.

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