Hideous Divinity – LV-426 (Review)

Hideous Divinity - LV-426Hideous Divinity are an Italian death metal band and this is their latest EP.

This new 16-minute EP contains two new sci-fi concept-themed tracks, and a cover of a Coheed and Cambria song.

It’s quickly apparent that Hideous Divinity have changed since my last encounter with them on 2017’s Adveniens. On this EP the band are rawer and darker, with a less polished, grimmer production. There’s more dissonance in their sound, and even some blackened touches.

Acheron, Stream of Woe starts us off, and mixes mood and sheer brutality very well. The song has a slithering, mutating intensity that finds the band’s use of brutal rhythms and atmosphere constantly entwining as the song progresses. It’s definitely one of Hideous Divinity’s stronger songs, and a real highlight of this release.

Chestburst follows, ably showcasing the band’s technical skill and love of wanton brutality. It’s a more direct assault than the first track, yet still manages to display mood and feeling well across its four minute duration – these extra spices are small, yet add to the tasty treat that this song undoubtedly is.

We end with the Coheed and Cambria cover, Delirium Trigger. I am unfamiliar with the original, but the song, as presented here, is a good one. More melodic than the band’s usual output, it ends the EP in style.

A solid and enjoyable EP from Hideous Divinity, one that makes me look forward to the band’s future.

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