Coldcell – The Greater Evil (Review)

Coldcell - The Greater EvilThis is the fourth album from Swiss black metallers Coldcell.

Featuring the drummer of Schammasch and guest vocals on two songs by the singer of Zatokrev, Coldcell spend 49 minutes delivering atmospheric modern black metal that’s sinister and layered with existential dread.

This is sophisticated black metal art, powered by a wellspring of emotive depth and delivered with the intensity of the zealot. Coldcell craft songs with dark melodic atmosphere that slither, slide, and crawl towards the listener with malignant intent. The music caresses with malevolent allure and seems to worm into your consciousness with alarming ease.

The Greater Evil is characterised by a deeply saturated menace, an aura of esoteric threat that seems to permeate everything about these seven tracks. Whether fast or slow, heavy or light, the atmosphere is thick enough to drown in. The music is textured with blackened details and nuanced shades of darkness. The aggressive sections are bleak and cold, while the more atmospheric parts speak of a deep abyss that the music would love to drag the listener down into, never to emerge again.

Coldcell have created a superior piece of work with The Greater Evil. These songs work their dark magicks best when given the time to fully cast their spells on the listener, so make sure that you give in to the siren call of this album.

Highly recommended for fans of modern atmospheric darkness.

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