Portrayal of Guilt – We Are Always Alone (Review)

Portrayal of Guilt - We Are Always AlonePortrayal of Guilt are a blackened hardcore band from the US and this is their second album.

And now for 26 minutes of grim darkness and murderous brutality. Portrayal of Guilt play the sort of ultra-nasty hardcore that can lacerate flesh at 1000 paces. Mixing together blistering hardcore and angry punk with a blackened sheen, this is not for the faint of heart.

Portrayal of Guilt’s music is notable not only because the songs are well-written and lethal, but also because it’s a lot less one-dimensional than many other bands that exist in the blackened hardcore space. The music somehow manages to combine the furious aggression that you’d expect from the style, with a moodier, atmospheric feeling that you wouldn’t. It turns out that the band have all of the necessary skills and tools to accomplish this diverse delivery as well. In addition to the band’s own core skillset and toolbox that they deploy very well in this regard, the album is also enhanced by additional elements of harsh noise/electronics, used very effectively to ramp up the menacing air that follows the music around like a stalker.

This is a very well-rounded album. The direct aggression and scathing vitriol make for songs that immediately grab you by the throat, but the noise and textured atmospheres really give the music staying power, bringing the level of quality up even higher than the band might have achieved otherwise. We Are Always Alone really has a firm grasp on what makes a record like this so compelling; the instant appeal is here in buckets, but it’s the deeper, longer-lasting aspects of the music that will truly keep making you return for more and more punishment.

Portrayal of Guilt don’t just want to tear into and destroy you, they want to absolutely terrify and demoralise you too. Yes, this is one grim, hateful piece of work; We Are Always Alone is a multifaceted nightmare of snarling screams and venomous claws. It wants you dead, but wants you to suffer first.

Very highly recommended.

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