Regnvm Animale – Ignis Sacer (Review)

Regnvm Animale - Ignis SacerRegnvm Animale are a black metal band from Sweden and this is their latest EP.

Regnvm Animale play black metal with a crust influence. As far as EPs go, Ignis Sacer is longer than some albums at 27 minutes in length. Due to my intense dislike of anything spoken word, the intro is a complete waste of space for me, but the remaining four tracks certainly aren’t.

Across four well-written and passionately-delivered songs, Regnvm Animale reveal themselves to be very capable at merging black metal and crust. The songs demonstrate a band with a clear vision for their sound, one which allows them to have their own voice in such a crowded scene. It sounds almost as if a crusty Sick of It All were playing in the style of Darkthrone. Or something.

The music is raw and frequently aggressive, but with a melodic component that complements this nicely. The band’s hardcore influences can be heard quite prominently in places, and these are incorporated into a blacked framework that uses these elements well. The songs aren’t without a certain amount of finesse or subtlety, manifesting in the occasional use of synths, acoustic parts, or lighter/atmospheric sections.

All of the songs are very enjoyable and satisfying, but if I had to single one of them out, I’d say that the title track would be my favourite, as it has a certain catchy rhythmic quality to it that’s irresistible.

Overall Ignis Sacer is a strong EP from a band that know what they’re doing with their hybrid approach.

Highly recommended.

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