Vyrion – Nil (Review)

Vyrion - NilThis is the third album from Australian progressive black metallers Vyrion.

Nil contains 48 minutes of highly compelling music. Venomous modern black metal is the order of business here, and business is booming it seems.  Vyrion’s blacked assault contains elements of rock, thrash, and progressive metal too, making for a well-rounded album that balances immediacy with deeper songwriting ideas well.

Nil pulses with dark malevolence and brooding atmosphere. Its menacing tones combine fiery bite with engaging guitars and a sense of dynamics that is very rewarding in its execution. Its melodic components are frequently understated, but are affecting nonetheless. Some of the riffs and rhythm guitar parts are particularly strong.

The promo blurb mentions a black ‘n’ roll heart, but although you can catch snippets of the style here and there, (as mentioned above), Nil is a lot more atmospheric and nuanced, not to mention malignant and dark, than most bands that are tagged with that title are. As such, I was pleasantly surprised by the wealth and range of content on this album. Vyrion have created a progressive black metal album that merges blackened aggression, emotive depth, and atmospheric darkness very well.

Highly recommended. Vyrion have impressed.

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