Among Phantoms – Memories/Catastrophes (Review)

Among Phantoms - Memories CatastrophesAmong Phantoms are a hardcore band from Denmark and this is their debut album.

This is a modern brand of hardcore, with elements of metalcore that can be heard, alongside a healthy rock influence.

The guitars have a good, meaty sound, and the band mix hardcore and metal riffs together with the aforementioned rockier-feel well. This approach is combined into grooving rhythms and faster bursts of energy, and then shaped into songs that have much to recommend them if you’re into the style. Among Phantoms avoid many of the generic metalcore tropes a lot of the time, which I really like. The brutally-direct breakdowns are here, as you’d expect, but these are largely kept in reserve until they’re needed.

Imagine Every Time I Die, only less chaotic and melodic, then mix this with the heavier side of early Eighteen Visions, and the first-album style of Atreyu. In fact, the singer of Among Phantoms reminds me mostly of the singer of Atreyu, only with a slightly sharper roar.

I enjoyed this a great deal. Memories/Catastrophes is a solid debut album from a band I’ll be looking forward to hearing more from in the future. Although not perfect, it’s still an enjoyable listen, and at only 26 minutes in length doesn’t get close to outstaying its welcome. It also shows much promise for whatever the band do next.

A recommended listen.

Favourite Track: Oblivion. A good mix of heaviness, energy, and attitude, while also having a really strong atmospheric section near the end.

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