Vacant Eyes – A Somber Preclusion of Being (Review)

Vacant Eyes - A Somber Preclusion of BeingThis is the debut album from US doom band Vacant Eyes.

Combining funeral doom, death/doom, melodic doom, and progressive doom, A Somber Preclusion of Being contains 75 minutes of sorrowful soundscapes.

This is an album of emotive melancholy and anguished growls, but one that doesn’t fully restrict itself to any single doom genre. The band ably mix the above-mentioned subgenres into a progressive doom concoction that reveals a band who are very capable at writing their chosen dark art. The tracks may have funeral doom lengths, but uniformly slow and funereal this isn’t; Vacant Eyes like their doom a bit more multifaceted than that.

The lengthy songs are richly melodic and drip with emotive potency. Some of the leads are quite resplendent, demonstrating once again an appreciation of influences that usually fall outside of more generic doom metal’s remit. All of the leads and solos are expressive and well-judged, however, and complement the warm rhythm guitars well as the songs unfold. These latter aspects of Vacant Eyes’ music should not be discounted, and there are even some crunchy riffs to be had in places.

Keyboards and piano improve the overall quality of the music effectively, with subtle enhancements that add atmosphere and feeling. Other elements such as acoustic sections and clean singing, (both male and female), also contribute to the music’s depth, adding further layers and texture to Vacant Eye’s enchanting formula on the occasions that they appear.

Highly atmospheric and effortlessly emotive, A Somber Preclusion of Being is a very enjoyable and gratifying listen if you’re in the mood for some doom-drenched misery.

Very highly recommended.

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