Abhasa – १ (Review)

Abhasa - १Abhasa are a atmospheric black metal/dark ambient band from the US, and this is their debut album. It’s actually a remastered version of the original album that came out last year, (which I haven’t heard).

Abhasa’s mysterious and esoteric blend of post-black metal, sludge, and dark ambient is a ritualistic journey into bleak atmosphere. This is 50 minutes of dark mood music, combining blackened soundscapes with minimal ambience.

The music is easy to become absorbed in, with hypnotic drone and ambient calm combined with other musical elements, such as lonesome clean guitar, blackened distortion, or highly atmospheric post-black/sludge. Ethereal and oppressive, this is not the sort of album you’d put on just before you go out at night, or when you hit the gym. No, this is more contemplative and meditative, and very good at what it does.

If your tastes run to what this band offer, then is worth spending some time with.

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