Hellhookah – The Curse (Review)

Hellhookah - The CurseThis is the second album from Lithuanian doom metallers Hellhookah.

2015’s Endless Serpents was a good start to the Hellhookah tale, and now, five years later, we have the next chapter. The Curse gives us eight new tracks and 38 minutes of material to enjoy.

The band play traditional doom metal in the vein of Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Saint Vitus, etc. Theirs is an old-school, well-worn sound, but one that’s honest and authentic in its delivery and realisation. Hellhookah know their chosen style well, and acquit themselves nicely.

The songs are exactly as you would want them to be, staying true to the original tried-and-tested formula from decades past. Hard rock and classic metal elements show up here and there, merely reinforcing the authentic vibes that come off the album in waves.

I find that the album’s appeal grows over time, as the simple charms of the songwriting worm their way into your brain by virtue of hook, riff, and chorus.

If a classic take on song-focused, no-frills doom metal floats your boat, then I heartily recommend The Curse.

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