Enevelde – Enevelde (Review)

Enevelde - EneveldeEnevelde is a one man Norwegian black metal band, and this is his debut album.

Containing 36 minutes divided up into four tracks, this is an album of atmospherically-enhanced melodic aggression, filled with emotive delivery and compelling songwriting.

The style of black metal we get on Enevelde is a fiery modern blend of second wave aggression, sorrow-filled mid-paced mood-building, and epic grandeur. The music is inherently atmospheric, and can become quite entrancing on occasion, drawing you into its world and keeping you there immersed in its sometimes-ethereal darkness.

Different paces and melancholic moods are explored, and the songs are well-constructed, balancing emotive leads and melodies with frosted guitars in intuitive ways. Each song has its own character and feel, and has a more aggressive or atmospheric temperament, depending on its own individual needs and proclivities. Dark blackened melodies and icy riffs power the music, while the drums provide the backdrop and structure necessary. Even the bass gets to make a meaningful contribution to the cause here and there.

Daemonic roars belch forth foulness and bile. The vocals are grim and malevolent, and nicely contrast the forlorn beauty of the music.

Enevelde’s debut album is a strong one, and I highly recommend you check this out if you’re a fan of black metal with depth and feeling.

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