From the Vastland – Daevayasna (Review)

From the Vastland - DaevayasnaFrom the Vastland is a one man Iranian/Norwegian black metal band and this is his fifth album.

I enjoyed 2016’s Chamrosh, and Daevayasna provides us with another 47 minutes of classic black metal fury. The artist behind this project is rounded out by a full band for Daevayasna, boasting current and ex-members of bands such as 1349, Horizon Ablaze, and Morbid Angel, among others. A lot of experience is behind Daevayasna.

This is very enjoyable music, with the artist’s vision of Scandinanvian black metal coming through loud and proud through the songs. It’s a well-realised vision, and Daevayasna is full of songs that are surprisingly moreish and addictive. The man knows how to write a good black metal tune.

The music is largely upbeat and atmospherically rhythmic, and features a plethora of strong melodies spread out across the tracks. The melodic aspect of From the Vastland is a an important one, and this is delivered by a mixture of cold frostiness and energetic vibrancy. Some Middle Eastern touches can be heard here and there, although these are relatively subtle in nature most of the time.

Five albums deep, and From the Vastland continues to produce satisfying, enjoyable music. Daevayasna is a strong album.

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