From the Vastland – Chamrosh (Review)

From the VastlandThis is the fourth album from Iranian/Norwegian black metallers From the Vastland.

Cold and grim, this is 43 minutes of classic-style black metal played with intensity and fury.

The music is well-recorded and boasts a thick, strong sound. It’s not hyper-polished though, so effectively mixes underground ferocity with strength of delivery.

Mainly operating at faster speeds, things do slow down here and there as they band create toxic atmospheres within their aggressive world.

The tracks also make good use of blackened melodies in the Scandinavian style. The second wave is a firm influence here, and it’s filtered through a passionate and ambitious lens as From the Vastland do their best to stamp their own identity on the style, which they largely succeed at.

Sometimes when they slow down they also become quite atmospheric, adding another element to the music.

The singer’s voice is like sharp, serrated static, clawing at your brain from the inside. When he’s not screaming like the damned he’s growling like a daemon. Either way, it’s a good performance.

I like these songs a lot. They produce a feeling of apocalyptic terror, while also firmly transporting me back to the early 90s when it was all kicking off. I can’t help but feel that they’ve managed to pull off something quite unusual as well, something that not many manage to do; From the Vastland are clearly of that older era, yet the band still somehow sound updated for the current age. Managing to sound old and new at the same time is no small achievement.

Highly recommended.

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