Mesmur – Chthonic (Review)

Mesmur - ChthonicThis is the fourth album from international funeral doom band Mesmur.

Following on from 2017’s S and 2019’s Terrene, Chthonic provides us with 48 minutes of new material from Mesmur. Spoiler alert: it’s the band’s best album yet.

Chthonic is an album of dark atmosphere and rich emotive auras. Mesmur’s funeral doom is thick with atmosphere, and builds mood and feeling effectively across its lengthy tracks. Even the opening 2-minute intro drips with presence and presaging auras. Further enhancing the band’s ability to craft these immersive soundscapes is the inclusion of viola, cello, synths, and organ, all of which add deeper texture to the music. A bedrock of glacial doom riffs is built upon by the above instruments, enveloping the listener in otherworldly landscapes that are strange and foreboding. There’s a progressive feel to parts of the music, almost as if a 70s progressive rock opus was blasted into the cosmic depths, only to be consumed by the spaceborne horror that is this strain of funeral doom.

While all aspects of Chthonic are of fine quality, I especially like the use of the synths. These enrich the songs immensely, coating everything in an eerie, otherworldly, celestial feel that’s captivating. When combined with the other elements of the songs, and the skilled atmospheric songwriting, Chthonic soon reveals itself to be Mesmur’s most detailed and impressive work they have yet produced.

Mesmur have crafted a masterclass of emotive progressive funeral doom. Rich in atmospheric depth, Chthonic is one to explore and become lost in again and again and again.

Very highly recommended.


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