Thicko – The Beginning Is Nigh (Review)

Thicko - The Beginning Is NighThis is the debut release from Thicko, a UK hardcore band.

From the capable hands of Paul Catten and Paul Kenney, (Fukpig, Kroh), The Beginning Is Nigh contains a scant 9 minutes of bludgeoning.

Anger, anger, anger. This is a politically-charged mixture of punk, hardcore, crust, and powerviolence, and is very, very angry. It is, however, more intelligently delivered than simple ragecore. This is a band that obviously cares about their music and message, despite how brief and pissed it is.

Each song is a tightly-wound ball of fury and barely-restrained violence. Once again, however, I feel the need to point out that there is more here than just pure hatred. There’s also a sense of the dramatic, especially in aspects of the vocals; rather than simply venting, there’s a real performance here amidst the diatribes. The Beginning Is Nigh easily entertains as it smacks you in the head, and it’s also surprisingly catchy too.

The blistering powerviolence and The Dead Kennedys-esque punk influence lends the music part of its character, but it largely comes down to the fact there are two skilled musicians behind this project who know how to inject personality and dynamics into the tracks. Well-written and clearly thought through, don’t let the punky nature and brevity of The Beginning Is Nigh fool you – this is a quality release through and through.

A recommended listen.

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