Kroh – Pyres (Review)

KrohThis is the latest EP from UK doom metal band Kroh.

Kroh are a talented bunch. My first introduction to their female-fronted incarnation was when I caught them live at the 2016 Damnation Festival, so I’m now very glad to be reviewing their latest EP.

Pyres contains 25 minutes of Grade A doom metal. Selecting only the choicest cuts from the leanest of meats, the songs on this release are fat free, trimmed of all excessive waste and presented in mouthwatering fashion. This doesn’t mean that the tracks are overly short or curtailed, but it does mean that everything on this EP is there for a reason and excels at what it does.

This is a band that know how to play enjoyable, engaging doom metal. Firmly filled with catchy riffs, memorable structures, and enough hooks to do yourself an injury with, Pyres is quite the triumph.

The band’s singer has a first-rate voice for this kind of material. She gives an emotive, enticing performance, and although the music itself more than stands on its own merits, she definitely acts as a strong focal point for the listener’s attentions when she sings.

Kroh are definitely a complete metal band, however, so the riffs are beefy and the music as a holistic package is what ultimately matters here. That, and songs; Kroh know how to write a song that is instantly appealing, while still carrying enough longevity to stay the course for future listens.

Pyres has not disappointed, and shows a band that are continuing to get better and better what what they do.

Highly recommended.

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