Ram – The Throne Within (Review)

Ram - The Throne WithinThis is the sixth album from Swedish heavy metallers Ram.

Since 2015’s Svbversvm, and then 2017’s Rod, I have been a huge fan of Ram. Very few heavy metal bands from the last decade or so do it for me quite like Ram. They are, quite simply, just so damn good at what they do.

Enter The Throne Within. With 49 minutes of classic heavy metal, this is a top quality collection of tunes, possessing songcraft the likes of which you rarely encounter these days. Boasting a variety of different speeds and moods, armed with sterling melodies and catchy hooks, blessed with the presence of impressive vocals with a wide range, and bolstered by the type of songwriting skill that would make many of their so-called peers weep, The Throne Within has lived up to my lofty expectations.

There’s no filler here, just power and personality condensed down into traditional metal hymns. Each of the songs succeeds in its aims, providing an infectious feast of riffs, choruses, and melodies for the listener to get their teeth into. The album has plenty to keep the listener engaged. Lots of energy, ideas, and passion has clearly gone into this album, and each of the band members shines. There’s even a guest spot from the singer of Primordial, and his distinctive vocals grace the final song on the album, sitting alongside Ram’s equally talented vocalist in places, with complimentary capability.

Once again the inimitable Ram have produced a top-tier metal album for us to enjoy. The Throne Within grabs you by the throat and demands your metal allegiance. Have it, please! I insist! Hail Ram!

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