Ram – Rod (Review)

RamThis is the fifth album from Swedish heavy metallers Ram.

I loved 2015’s Svbversvm. It was just such a good record. Well-written, well-recorded, and delivered with a classic flair for songwriting, it’s one of my favourite heavy metal releases of recent years.

Rod is classic, traditional, true heavy metal. The vast majority of the delivery here is unashamedly old-school, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Rod largely continues in the same vein as Svbversvm, only with a slighly rawer delivery and with some different thematic ideas explored.

I fail to see how anyone into classic heavy metal can dislike this band; Ram are just so good! The key ingredient that makes this band’s material so enjoyable is their songwriting. The songs are very well-written, full of catchy hooks and memorable riffs and vocal lines by the bucketful. The material has clearly been crafted by people with a love and passion for metal, and this comes across strongly in the final result on Rod.

Ram’s singer is on fine form once more. His voice manages to carry the weight of decades of metal history effortlessly, embodying several different personas crafted by the metallic heroes of the 80s, while still completely having a personality, charisma, and style all of its own. Impressive and infectious.

With various moods, speeds, and ideas explored and resolutely crushed on Rod, the band have ably demonstrated once again that they’re simply one of the best heavy metal bands around at the moment.

Highly recommended for any fan of true metal.

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