Wizard Rifle – Wizard Rifle (Review)

Wizard Rifle - Wizard RifleWizard Rifle are a US sludge band and this is their third album.

Wizard Rifle are a band that mixes together doom and sludge metal with psychedelic, noise, and progressive rock, creating songs that twist and turn with virile life. A rough approximation of their sound would be a cross between Melvins, Electric Wizard, and Mastodon. Sort of.

At heart there’s an almost feral element to Wizard Rifle’s music, powering the songs forward. The band sometimes sound frenzied and frantic, like they’re impatient to be finished with what they’re currently playing so that they can get on to the next thing. This somehow seems true even when it isn’t, making for an the album that has an interesting energy.

The songs stomp, cavort, bound, and leap through the playing time. Each track is different and has its own character and theme. There’s a depth of delivery here apparent early on that only becomes clearer the more you listen to them. Taken either individually or as a whole, each song is worth your attention and making the time to get to know their intricate charms pays off.

Angular and jagged in some places, crunchy and beefy in others, heartfelt and considerate in yet others…there’s a lot going on here. When Wizard Rifle lock into a really captivating selection of riffs and melodies, like they do on the wonderful first half of Caveman Waltz, for example, something special happens, and the band are on fire. When they don’t, they’re still highly entertaining and enjoyable.

I think this is Wizard Rifle’s most accomplished work yet. Make sure you give this a listen.

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