Geistaz’ika – Trolddomssejd i Skovens Dybe Kedel (Review)

Geistaz'ika - Trolddomsejd i Skovens Dybe KedelGeistaz’ika are a black metal band from Denmark and this is their debut album.

Originally released at the end of 2018, Trolddomssejd i Skovens Dybe Kedel is now getting a new lease of life via Signal Rex. I can see why, as Geistaz’ika’s music is both enjoyable and satisfying.

Geistaz’ika’s approach is to take the raw and classic Scandinavian black metal template and reforge it in their own style. The music has a dark melodic heart that effectively channels mournful emotions, despite how aggressive the music can be. The band know how to write a catchy riff when they need to, and the blackened melodies are instantly engaging. Atmosphere is crafted well, and elements such as subtle cleans, acoustic enhancements, and good use of bass all contribute to building immersive and compelling soundscapes.

This is old-school and authentic, and I can easily imagine listening to this back in the 90s. Having said that, the music still looks forward no matter how rooted in the past it ultimately is. It achieves a lot of this by sheer force of will, as well as being also due to how enjoyable the material is. The band are clearly passionate about their dark art, and this comes across strongly, infecting the music with a vibrant energy.

I really enjoyed this. Make sure you check out Geistaz’ika’s work.

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