Porta Daemonium/Denying Nazarene – Emancifestation from Sinister Side – Split (Review)

Porta Daemonium Denying Nazarene - SplitThis is a split between two death metal bands from Chile.

Each band contribute three songs, and the entire split lasts 23 minutes. Even more importantly than this, however, is the split artwork – how metal is that? Fortunately the music is as impactful as the artwork.

Porta Daemonium start off the carnage. Their music is brutal and harsh, existing in a state of barely restrained violence and chaos. Feverish blast beats and evil riffs tear out from the speakers, while deep, dark growls threaten to swallow you whole. Raw, primitive, and aggressive this undoubtedly is, but it’s also clear that the band know their way around their instruments. The songs on this split show thought has gone into them, and the band’s chaotic brutality is carefully channelled and delivered.

Shades of Immolation, Incantation, and Morbid Angel can be heard in Porta Daemonium’s music, but the band put enough of themselves into their material to be merely influenced by these legends, rather than being derivative of them. I thoroughly enjoyed Porta Daemonium’s side of this split, and would happily hear more from them in the future.

Denying Nazarene’s side of the split starts off completely in your face, and the singer’s blunt, sickening growls sound like he’s gargling with souls. Denying Nazarene’s delivery is similar to that of Porta Daemonium’s at first glance, and seems to share the same aforementioned influences, but still manages to have a flavour all of its own. The band are less chaotic, for a start. Also, there’s more of a macabre atmosphere in Denying Nazarene’s dark work too, as well as a more rhythmic approach to songcraft. Yep, this is good stuff. Denying Nazarene seem to know what they are doing with their music.

Emancifestation from Sinister Side is an enjoyable split release that serves as a very good introduction to both of these death metal bands.

A recommended listen.

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