Starless Domain – EOS (Review)

Starless Domain - EOSStarless Domain are a US black metal band and this is their debut album.

Consisting of a single track lasting almost an hour, (at least my version is – I’ve seen others that are divided into four tracks), EOS is an ambitious journey into the night sky.

Atmospheric, with a deep cosmic, spacefaring feel, this is textured black metal that mixes the furious with the sublime. Atmospheric and ambient synth-enhanced blackened soundscapes seem to flow over each other, evoking the grandeur and darkness of the void, while providing textured waymarkers for the listener to be guided by as they explore the vast expanse of the cosmos.

Three vocalists share the burden of describing the hopeless inconsequential nature of human existence when confronted with something as incomprehensible as the billions of galaxies that surround us. They howl, scream, and growl into the night, pouring untold emotions into the uncaring atmosphere, to be swallowed up by the darkness.

If you’re in any way interested in long-form underground black metal that’s played with skill and emotive appeal, then EOS should be high on your list of albums to check out. Become absorbed in the journey, as Starless Domain seem to know what they’re doing; let them take you with them as they ascend to the unexplored regions of the universe.

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