Starless Domain – ALMA (Review)

Starless Domain - ALMAStarless Domain are a US black metal band and this is their second album.

If you’re wondering where you know the name Starless Domain from, it’s only earlier this year on the band’s debut record EOS was released. Apparently they’re not interested in resting on their laurels, as only a few months later they now give us ALMA.

Consisting of a single 45-minute track, ALMA once again takes us into the furthest reaches of the cosmos, where everything is dark and full of empty horror. Electronically-enhanced atmospheric black metal is essentially the name of the game here. This is resolutely not for the uninitiated, however. Neophytes to the blackened arts will no doubt find Starless Domain’s material too challenging, too raw and unfriendly. However, those who have been hardened by many adventures into the black metal underground will find much to like here. ALMA is a grim, frightening journey into the outer darkness.

This is atmospheric black metal without pity, remorse, or mercy. It’s not an engaging, inviting windswept-landscape that beckons on this release. No, it’s an airless, beyond-cold empty void, one which is only interested in its own existence, with the listener as a mere inconvenient passer by. After all, we are merely transitory, while the timescales that the subject matter here works on make geological time look brief.

Lose yourself in ALMA. Watch as your existence unravels and your utter insignificance is realised. Then, when the snapshot of time that the album encompasses passes, return to the real world better for it.

A recommended listen.

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