Old Night – A Fracture in the Human Soul (Review)

Old Night - A Fracture in the Human SoulOld Night are a Croatian doom metal band and this is their second album.

So, I absolutely adored Old Night’s debut album Pale Cold Irrelevance, and it made it into my best of 2017 list. As such, expectations were running high for the band’s second album.

I’m pleased to say that A Fracture in the Human Soul has more than satisfied me.

Shorter than its predecessor by almost quarter of an hour, the quality levels have not been lessened, however. Old Night’s doom metal, mixed with elements of progressive rock, blues rock, and atmospheric metal, is just as mesmerising as always.

These new songs are affecting and compelling. Well-written and structured to maximise emotive appeal and atmospheric weight, these textured songs are effortlessly engaging. The three guitarists provide plenty of opportunities for a layered approach to songwriting, and the various leads and solos are all quite beautiful.

Although heavy when they want to be, the band are more delicate and nuanced in their approach to music than if they were just concentrating on heaviness. This is music with depth and emotional resonance, and any heaviness is a side effect more than anything else. This is music to take your time with and get to know thoroughly. Haunting and dark, but also gorgeously delivered, A Fracture in the Human Soul is like the finest of wines, and should be savoured at length.

The singer’s rich, emotive voice is powerful and heartfelt. Full-bodied and sumptuous, he carries emotion well, and definitely acts as a very capable focal point for the music.

It’s hard to compare A Fracture in the Human Soul to Pale Cold Irrelevance accurately, as I’ve listened to Old Night’s debut a lot more. My initial impressions tell me that they’re at least equals, but whether the new one surpasses the old one remains to be seen. Either way, I have not been disappointed by A Fracture in the Human Soul, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if this once again graces my year end list.

Essential listening for any fan of emotive doom.

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