Sol Sistere – Extinguished Cold Light (Review)

Sol Sistere - Extinguished Cold LightThis is the second album from Sol Sistere, a black metal band from Chile.

Extinguished Cold Light lasts 52 minutes and contains aggressive atmospheric black metal that’s largely influenced by the 90s era.

The material is crafted through a furious intensity that’s merged with forlorn, emotive melodies. This results in atmospheric soundscapes that evoke grandeur and majesty, taking the listener on a raging, blackened journey into otherworldly domains. The songs are rich with grim malevolent mood and textured aggression. The band use melody extremely well, twisting it around the equally-well-used rhythms guitars like strangling barbed wire.

The recording is perfectly judged, and the entire album has a very pleasing feel and finish. The drums, near relentless at times, have a satisfyingly sound, and the mercilessly delivered screams are surely performed by a chained daemon of some sort.

If you were raised on 90s black metal then Extinguished Cold Light should fit very well into both your collection and your expectations. It’s not just an album that looks back in time to past greats, however, as the journeys that this music takes you on are more than relevant in 2019 and beyond. Sol Sistere have a lot to say with Extinguished Cold Light and it’s worth hearing.

Very highly recommended.

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