Maestus – Deliquesce (Review)

Maestus - DeliquesceThis is the second album from Maestus, a blackened doom band from the US.

Looking for a doom record that has epic-length songs and music that’s crushing, while also boasting a surprisingly delicate touch in places? Look no further.

Highly involving, and with a dark heart filled with emotion, Maestus’ second album is a wonderfully-wrought slab of misery and woe.

Deliquesce is a richly textured doom album that has a blackened veneer, and a Gothic influence in places. The music is enhanced by keyboards that add extra layers of feeling and craft additional levels of atmosphere that not only sit atop the despondent doom, but weave in and out of it too. Funeral doom is an obvious influence, and the band’s well-crafted songs make the most of their epic lengths to crush the listener physically and emotionally.

Maestus have crafted a darkly emotive album that projects feelings of loss, despair, and heartache, while also providing the listener with a copious amount of substance to descend into. This is the type of album to listen to in depth, losing yourself in its darkened allure and wrapping yourself up in its slowly cascading walls of mournful guitars, bleak melodies, and seductive keyboards.

A highly recommended listen.

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