Ad Patres – A Brief Introduction to Human Experiments (Review)

Ad Patres - A Brief Introduction to Human ExperimentsAd Patres are a French death metal band and this is their second album.

Well, this one has been an extremely highly anticipated release here at Wonderbox Metal. The band’s 2012 debut Scorn Aesthetics is simply a wonderful death metal album. If you haven’t checked it out then I strongly urge you to, as it’s 32 minutes of brutal heaven. Strong words I know, but there we are. (Speaking of words, I like to think that my reviews and writing have come a long way since my early scribblings linked above, but that’s for you, dear reader, to judge).

Apart from how damn good Scorn Aesthetics is, I feel Ad Patres have a special place in Wonderbox Metal history, as they were the first band to send me their album when I first started this site. Now that I am privileged enough to have been sent their second, my first listen was not without any small sense of excitement.

It may be long overdue, but it’s great to have some new material from this premier band.

A Brief Introduction to Human Experiments is 34 minutes of pure death metal fury, but is not without texture or nuance despite this. Opting once again for a direct assault on the listener, while still finding time and opportunity for the occasional bout of melody and depth, Ad Patres have crafted music that’s beautifully brutal and emotively harsh.

Taking a timeless, classic approach to death metal songwriting, and fusing this with a modern sense of aggression and style, these songs are moreish, brutally memorable, and incredibly satisfying. It may have taken more years than I would have liked for this to be unleashed upon the world, but now it’s here it has been worth the wait.

It’s hard to compare Scorn Aesthetics to A Brief Introduction to Human Experiments, simply because I know the former so very well after listening to it for years. What I will say is that the band’s latest album essentially picks up where the last one left off, bolstered by a renewed sense of passion and enthusiasm. A Brief Introduction to Human Experiments is a crushing, destructive collection of ripping death metal tunes, the type that you instantly want to play again once the album has finished.

Essential listening for any death metal fan.

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