Nailed to Obscurity – Black Frost (Review)

Nailed to Obscurity - Black FrostThis is the fourth album from Nailed to Obscurity, a melodic doom metal band from Germany.

Nailed to Obscurity play a modernised version of old-school death/doom. Black Frost contains 47 minutes of material that can be roughly characterised as a combination of old Katatonia mixed with elements of Paradise Lost, Insomnium, Opeth, Décembre Noir, and others. The band definitely let their own collective personalities shine through in the music, however.

The songs are atmospheric and mood-based, and drip with emotive delivery. If you’re looking for killer riffs and instant brutality then this is not for you. If, however, you’re looking for some well-written and atmospheric music that has obviously had a lot of care and consideration invested in it, then Black Frost should definitely satisfy.

The music is expansive and warm, and has plenty of room to breathe. There is a certain frostiness to the delivery, of course, as you would expect from this kind of European melodic doom, but somehow that just manages to feed into the warmth of the album; it’s almost like being in a freezing environment, but huddled around a roaring fire for heat. Regardless, Black Forst immediately makes the listener feel comfortable with its personable and charismatic take on the style.

The singer has a very good deathgrowl, but is equally adept at clean singing too. He provides a rich focal point for the music, without overshadowing everything else that’s going on.

The songs have ample depth and substance, while still catering to a certain amount of instant gratification as the melodies and feelings of darkness wash over you like a tide. Melancholic and bleak, Black Frost is an impressive early start to 2019.

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