Mass Infection – Shadows Became Flesh (Review)

Mass Infection - Shadows Became FleshMass Infection are a Greek death metal band and this is their fourth album.

2014’s For I Am Genocide was a prime slab of raging death metal. Now featuring the drummer of the savage Hideous Divinity, Mass Infection are back with their latest release that contains 37 minutes of utter darkness.

From the start of the very first track, however, it’s clear that this isn’t the same band that produced For I Am Genocide. In the last four years something corrupting and arcane seems to have crept into the water that this band collectively sup from, and there’s a strong black metal influence to be heard in their music now.

Yes, you can still hear the Hate Eternal influences in places, and the rhythmic brutality that the band sometimes favour, but Shadows Became Flesh is a much darker, sinister beast. Grim, blackened melodies infect the songs like predators lurking beneath a turbulent surface, while esoteric and malignant atmosphere is used well to craft much darker and more affecting moods than the band were previously capable of.

The band are still shamelessly brutal and aggressive, but now what they do has a lethal blackened patina. Impressive.

Shadows Became Flesh is a remarkable and striking development for Mass Infection. This is a progression in sound and style that suits them well, and their fourth album is a very strong one.

Highly recommended.

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