Mass Infection – For I Am Genocide (Review)

Mass InfectionThis is Greek band Mass Infection’s third album full of Brutal Death Metal treats.

Soundwise we’re immediately treated to a prime recording with everything sounding as it should and with all instruments ready to pulverise on command. The band play their Death Metal fast and rhythmical; a blend of Malevolent Creation and Hate Eternal let’s say.

The drums fly by at escape velocity while the guitars shred anything in sight. The songs are not overtly technical but neither are they simply constructed; the musicians know how to play that much is certain, but they never put showing off above a good riff. There are even some almost, dare I say it, hooks here; Hierarchy of the Highest Abomination contains bits that easily stick in the mind, for example.

The songs are written well and at 36 minutes it doesn’t outstay its welcome.

The vocals are nice and deep just as we like it, and the singer growls his way through the tracks like his life depends on it. Who knows, maybe it does?

For I Am Genocide is an album that’s hard to fault played by a band at the height of their powers. Mandatory listening for every Death Metalhead out there.

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