Unearth – Extinction(s) (Review)

Unearth - ExtinctionsUnearth are a metalcore band form the US and this is their seventh album.

It’s been many years since I’ve caught up with Unearth, but it seems they’re largely the same band that I remember.

The band’s unwavering dedication to heaviness and metallic muscle has always been very endearing, and this is still apparent on Extinction(s). It’s clear that Unearth love their metal. All the while they still retain a level of accessibility though that sees them take the best from the commercial side of the NWOAHM, without sacrificing their own personalities.

Covering subjects that are achingly relevant in today’s world, the songs on Extinction(s) pummel with groove and chunky riffs as they batter and bruise their way through the 38-minute playing time. Catchy and hook-filled, the band’s focus on classic metal songwriting filtered through a metalcore lens is as well-realised as ever, and Extinction(s) is a very, very strong album.

The vocalist’s voice is largely the same as I remember it on the band’s earlier work, only more aggressive and harsh, if anything. It’s great to hear his voice after so long, (the band haven’t been anywhere, of course, but I have), and I like the extra edge and bite he seems to have picked up.

I like that this is the sort of release where every song has its place, and all are quickly identifiable were you to randomly land at any point during the album’s running time. Easy to listen to, easy to enjoy, impossible to stay still to, Extinction(s) is a winner.

Unearth prove themselves to still be more than capable of pumping out a top notch album. Metalcore is a much-maligned style, (quite rightly most of the time, as it’s easy to be weak playing this genre), so it’s fantastic when you get to hear it delivered as well as Unearth do.


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